strengthening the veterinary

regulatory community

Spring 2013 NAVLE Scores

Pass/fail results for California applicants.

NAV010113 PASS
NAV013380 PASS
NAV018020 PASS
NAV089707 PASS
NAV145411 FAIL
NAV151124 FAIL
NAV155005 FAIL
NAV157094 PASS
NAV157821 PASS
NAV157959 PASS
NAV158411 PASS
NAV158574 PASS
NAV159347 PASS
NAV159623 PASS
NAV159763 PASS
NAV159884 PASS
NAV159912 PASS
NAV159963 PASS
NAV159966 FAIL
NAV160093 PASS
NAV160137 FAIL
NAV160446 FAIL
NAV160549 PASS
NAV160569 PASS
NAV160730 FAIL
NAV160948 PASS
NAV160985 PASS
NAV161456 PASS
NAV161757 PASS
NAV161812 FAIL
NAV161899 PASS
NAV162038 FAIL
NAV162110 PASS
NAV162163 PASS
NAV162189 PASS
NAV162200 PASS
NAV162203 PASS
NAV162293 PASS
NAV162335 FAIL
NAV162347 PASS
NAV162389 PASS
NAV162405 PASS
NAV162486 FAIL
NAV162510 PASS
NAV162682 FAIL
NAV162738 PASS
NAV162758 PASS
NAV162780 FAIL
NAV162809 PASS
NAV163205 FAIL
NAV163210 PASS
NAV163222 PASS
NAV163243 PASS
NAV163251 PASS
NAV163256 PASS
NAV163264 PASS
NAV163266 PASS
NAV163269 PASS
NAV163271 PASS
NAV163272 PASS
NAV163274 PASS
NAV163310 PASS
NAV163313 PASS
NAV163328 PASS
NAV163334 PASS
NAV163339 PASS
NAV163340 PASS
NAV163359 PASS
NAV163362 PASS
NAV163383 PASS
NAV163389 PASS
NAV163395 PASS
NAV163396 PASS
NAV163412 FAIL
NAV163414 PASS
NAV163420 PASS
NAV163428 PASS
NAV163438 PASS
NAV163445 PASS
NAV163449 PASS
NAV163453 PASS
NAV163474 PASS
NAV163480 PASS
NAV163492 PASS
NAV163508 PASS
NAV163509 PASS
NAV163515 PASS
NAV163541 PASS
NAV163550 PASS
NAV163560 FAIL


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