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RACE Standards

Subject Matter Categories



Scientific/Clinical Programs include all medical and surgical sub-categories as indicated on the RACE Program Application form. Such Programs shall conform to the definition of RACE-approved continuing education, and all scientific information referred to, reported or used in RACE-approved CE Program Applications in support or justification of an animal-care recommendation must conform to the medically accepted and scientifically supported standards of experimental design, data collection and analysis.

Reviews of programs pertaining to complementary and/or alternative medicine or therapies (CAVM) shall be conducted applying the same Standards utilized for reviews of all other Scientific/Clinical programs. While certain CAVM programs may contain material that has not been presented in the curricula of accredited colleges or schools of veterinary medicine or accredited veterinary technician programs, CAVM CE should nonetheless build upon the standards for practice and the foundational, science-based material presented in veterinary school curricula in order to be considered for RACE approval.

The RACE committee reserves the right to evaluate the scientific merit of evidence submitted and to seek expert advice from external sources as deemed necessary by the RACE committee.

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Non-Scientific / Non-Clinical

Programs which are Non-Clinical in subject matter include practice management, professional development and/or other content designed to maintain, develop or increase the non-scientific knowledge, skills and professional performance for the veterinary professional, their practices, the public or the profession.

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Content of either scientific or non-scientific/non-clinical Programs shall be distinguished from the topics and learning activities which are promotional or appear to be intended for the purpose of endorsing a specific commercial drug, product or service. Click here for more information about the RACE Conflict of Interest policy.

The “Promotional” subject category will be assigned to a continuing education Program, along with other applicable subject matter category/categories, if any one or all of the following situations exist with respect to a commercial RACE Provider (e.g. pharmaceutical company, supplement manufacturer, pet food company, etc.):


  • Presenter is an employee of the providing organization
  • Commercial promotional materials are distributed in the same room immediately before, during or immediately after an educational activity
  • Representatives of the commercial providing organization are engaging in sales activities while in the room where the educational activity takes place


Representatives of commercial Providers must respond only to direct questions from practicing veterinarians regarding the unlabeled veterinary uses of products; they cannot present such information gratuitously. College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, however, may present balanced information on unlabeled veterinary uses if the faculty member is not directly associated with the drug sponsor.

No program that is primarily promotional in nature, regardless of subject material, will be acceptable. Primarily promotions programs may include, but are not limited to new drug information (e.g. product launches) or specific product use instructions (e.g. product manuals).

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Governmental/Federal Agencies

Programs submitted by governmental/federal agencies may include scientific topics as well as topics related to public health, disaster planning and preparedness, and other topics related to the protection of the public.

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