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RACE Standards

Conflict of Interest Policy

The potential for conflicts of interest arise when a program includes topics and/or learning activities that are promotional or appear to be intended for the purpose of endorsing a specific drug, product, or service. In these cases, the provider is responsible for identifying such content and assigning the “Promotional” subject matter category to the program at the time of the application and the Promotional subject matter category must be included on the Certificate of Attendance. Click here for additional information on the Promotional subject matter category.

The provider or presenter shall disclose any and all relationships that the presenter may have with the drug(s), product(s), or service(s) to be covered during the course of the program including financial compensation, endorsement and/or co-sponsorship of the program by an affiliated commercial organization. Violation of this policy may jeopardize the organization’s status as a RACE-approved Provider.

AAVSB RACE reserves the right to request disclosure information from the presenter and/or Provider, and may assign the “Promotional” subject matter category to any program it deems appropriate. No program that is primarily promotional in nature, regardless of subject material, will be acceptable. Providers and participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories of continuing education.