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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the current RACE Standards, effective 8-3-2015.

For Participants

Q: How do I know if a program will be considered as acceptable veterinary continuing education (CE) for re-licensure in my state?

A: States retain their right to refuse, partially or in full, any program that RACE approves as per their particular state regulation(s). We strongly advise participants to check with their state board to verify that a given program is applicable to their re-licensure. Click here to find contact information for all AAVSB-member regulatory agencies.

Q: How many hours of continuing education are required for license renewal?

A: Veterinary continuing education is not standardized among state veterinary boards and each maintains their own requirements. You should check with your state board to verify the number of hours required for your licensure. Click here to find contact information for all AAVSB-member regulatory agencies.

Q: I attended a RACE-approved presentation. How do I obtain my Certificate of Attendance?

A: The Provider is responsible for issuing all participants a completed Certificate of Attendance, which you will provide to your veterinary licensing board upon request and/or at the time of your license renewal. If you were not provided with a Certificate of Attendance, please contact the Provider; a list of all RACE-approved Providers is available on our website. Click here to search for Providers.

Q: I have a concern or complaint about a RACE-approved program or provider. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact us in writing with your specific concerns. You may email us:, or send a fax to 816-931-1604.

For Providers

General Questions

Q: I'm a RACE-approved Provider. Does this mean that my CE programs are automatically approved?

A: No. You must submit a RACE Program Application for any program(s) for which you seek RACE approval. Provider approval does not guarantee Program approval.

Q: Does paying the late fee mean that my review will be expedited?

A: No. The late fee is for applications received 45 days or fewer in advance of the first course offering. The review process always takes at least 3-4 weeks; we do not have a way to expedite the review process.

Q: How long does the review process take?

A: The review process typically takes 3-4 weeks. The RACE Provider contact of record will be contacted via email once the review has been completed.

Q: My applications are complete and approved. Do I need to send copies of the attendance rosters, Participant Evaluation forms or Certificates of Attendance to RACE upon completion of a program offering?

A: No. Providers are required to maintain all records related to an approved program by AAVSB and its Member Boards for a minimum of four (4) years. The records maintained must be adequate to serve the needs of participants and to permit AAVSB and Member Boards to monitor adherence to the RACE Standards.

Q: Who issues the Certificate of Attendance?

A: The Provider is required to issue an individual Certificate of Attendance, at no charge, to all participants who complete an approved program.

Program Application Questions

Q: May I submit a Program Application if I am not a RACE-approved Provider?

A: No. The RACE Standards stipulate that only RACE-approved Providers may submit Programs for approval. You may submit a Provider AND Program Application(s) simultaneously.

Q: May I submit a Program Application for a program that I've previously offered?

A: No. Programs cannot be retroactively reviewed or approved after-the-fact. It is preferable that you submit an application at least 45 days in advance of the first course offering to ensure that the review process can be completed and any potential issues addressed before the program begins. This also ensures that your participants can attain their certificates of attendance in a timely fashion.

Q: When are letters of recommendation required?

A: For Program Applications, letters of recommendation may be requested at the discretion of the RACE Committee for presenters who do not have board certification, advanced degrees and/or evidence of special knowledge in the subject area being presented.

Q: Under what circumstances must we submit a post-test?

A: Any program that is considered Interactive-Distance; (Online, Correspondence, Journal, or Other Self-Study) , must utilize an evaluation and testing mechanism for awarding CE, per the RACE Standards.

Q: On the Program Application, what is the difference between "number of total contact hours available" and "maximum number of contact hours of CE for any ONE [individual]"?

A: In some circumstances, a program may offer more contact hours than any one individual may complete in a given period, such as conferences that have multiple tracks. Such a conference may have 45 hours available from which an individual may choose 8 hours of programming, for instance. In that case, the "number of total contact hours available" would be 45, and the "maximum number of contact hours of CE for any ONE veterinarian" would be 8. Per hour fees are calculated for the total contact hours AVAILABLE.

Q: Can you clarify Article V., f. in Quantifying Continuing Education?

A: This new standard gives some credit for activities that are not quantifiable based on the provider’s assessment of the average time they expect students to engage in these activities. 5 hrs. =1 CE Credit. If an activity is measurable for time than the 50 minute per CE credit rule still applies. If the Provider has a specific recorded lecture or video that they can verify a participant sits through, 50 minutes =1 CE credit applies. If they have a reading assignment and wish to verify the word count, they can revert to that calculation.

If the program also contains chat boards, monitored by an instructor, project work, graded assignments these can, under the new standards, qualify for 1CE credit for every 5 hours the average student is expected to participate in these activities which cannot be measured.

RACE Single Sign-On Feature

Q: I see there is Login area on the AAVSB website. How do I do that?

A: If you are already a RACE-approved Provider, please contact us at to obtain your login credentials. If you are applying to become a Provider, you will be prompted to establish your login details at the end of the Online RACE Provider Application.

Q: What does the Single Sign-On feature offer to my organization?

A: The feature allows you to view, search, edit and update much of your organization's information, including:

  View your provider status and edit your contact information details
  View or search all of your organization's program details
  Add course dates and locations to your currently-active programs

Q: I'm logged in. Now what?

A: At the top of the page, you should now see a link called "RACE Portal." Click this link to enter your organization's account details.

Q: I've lost my password - how do I get it back?

A: Click the "Forgot Password?" link on the AAVSB website and enter the email address for the Provider contact of record. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you within 24 hours.