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RACE Standards

General AAVSB RACE Policies


Right of Refusal

AAVSB may refuse to issue, refuse to renew, deny or remove approved Provider and/or approved Program status for cause determined by AAVSB RACE. Providers affected by such decisions may utilize the RACE internal appeal process upon written request received by AAVSB.

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Privacy Statement

Application materials submitted are confidential, subject to disclosure with the AAVSB as necessary to comply with the assessment criteria, and to AAVSB member boards, upon request. In the review of applications, AAVSB reserves the right to seek expert advice from external sources as deemed necessary by the RACE committee.

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Terms of Use for RACE Logo

Except as AAVSB may authorize, only a currently RACE-approved Provider may display the RACE logo. Please contact the AAVSB offices for the complete Terms of Use document and the currently approved logo.

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Retention Policy

AAVSB RACE shall adhere to the same records retention policies as detailed under Provider Responsibilities. Incomplete applications not finalized within 180 days of receipt by AAVSB may require re-submission by the provider. All materials submitted to AAVSB RACE in support of an application become the property of AAVSB and will not be returned.

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Policy and Procedures for Appeals

In the event that AAVSB shall deny an application for approval, renewal or terminate an applicant, approved provider or program under its RACE program, the chief executive officer of the impacted provider may appeal the decision to the AAVSB Board of Directors on the grounds that the decision was arbitrary, prejudiced, biased, capricious, based upon incorrect facts and/or an incorrect interpretation of the facts.

Notice of the appeal shall be made in writing and delivered personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the Executive Director of AAVSB at the current address of the Association. Notice of appeals must be made within 30 days after the date on the disapproval notice of the adverse decision and must include the nonrefundable administrative appeal fee. Please contact the AAVSB offices for the complete Policy and Procedures document.

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Use of RACE-Approval Language

Upon expiration or withdrawal of approved status as a RACE Provider or for a RACE Program, a Provider may no longer display language indicating RACE approval on any materials including but not limited to brochures, advertisements, certificates or agendas.

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