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Commercial Providers / Promotional Programs

Content of scientific or practice management programs shall be distinguished from topics and learning activities which are promotional or appear to be intended for the purpose of endorsing a specific commercial drug, product, or service. The "Promotional" subject category will be assigned to a continuing education (CE) Program Application by RACE, along with other applicable subject matter category/categories, if any one or all of the following situations exist with respect to a commercial RACE Provider (pharmaceutical company, pet food company, etc.):

  • Presenter is an employee of the Providing organization;
  • Commercial promotional products are distributed in the same room immediately before, during or after an educational activity; and/or
  • Representatives of the commercial providing organization are engaging in sales activities while in the room where the educational activity takes place.

Unlabled Veterinary Uses of Products: Representatives of commercial Providers must respond only to direct questions from practicing veterinarians regarding the unlabled veterinary uses of products; they cannot present such information gratuitously. College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, however, may present balanced information on unlabled veterinary uses if the faculty member is not directly associated with the drug sponsor.