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Requirements for Provisional Provider Approval Status

Only RACE-approved Providers may submit programs for review. Providers may apply for a one (1) year provisional approval if the requirements for Full Provider approval cannot be satisfied initially. This approval may be converted to full approval upon completion of the requirements, and the receipt by RACE of a letter advising the same. In order to be considered for Provisional Provider approval status by RACE, applicants must provide sufficient evidence of the organization’s ability to coordinate and offer appropriate continuing veterinary medical education.

PLEASE NOTE: This includes the submission of BOTH a Provider AND Program Applications along with all required associated documents.

Applicants for Provisional Provider approval shall:

1. Submit a completed RACE Provider Application to AAVSB with payment of application fee and associated supporting materials:
Applicants may either utilize the Online Provider Application, or download and submit the paper Provider Application form (click here for a fill-able PDF version, or click here for the MS Word version). Submission of a paper application requires that three complete sets of all materials be mailed to AAVSB RACE.
Required supporting materials:
Evidence of having been in operation for at least six (6) months. This evidence may include items such as: a certificate of good standing from the secretary of state; letters of reference from clients or others who are knowledgeable about the organization; or certified tax documentation.
Three (3) letters of reference from individuals that can support the organization’s ability to coordinate CE, maintain records, and present CE programs which meet RACE Standards in the field of veterinary medicine. These individuals may include clients, participants in the organization’s past CE programming, and/or board-certified veterinarians who have experience with the organization.
2. Submit a completed RACE Program Application with payment of the application fees and all relevant attachments. Click here for information about the RACE Program Application.
3. Agree to use required RACE language and Provider numbers only on materials pertaining to courses that have been submitted to and approved by RACE. Upon expiration or withdrawal of approved status as a RACE Provider, a provider may no longer display language indicating RACE approval on any materials including but not limited to websites, brochures, advertisements, certificates or agendas.
4. Identify one person to act as Program Administrator. The Program Administrator will:
Be responsible for all submissions to and contacts with RACE regarding programs;
Be responsible for ensuring that each program presented meets the RACE requirements and Standards; and
Be responsible for transition to any new administrator, including prompt notification to AAVSB RACE of the change of contact.


All CE conducted by a Provider must meet the requirements specified by the RACE Standards. The Provider is responsible for assuring compliance. Provisional Provider approval status expires at the end of one (1) year from the date of approval and may be renewed. It is the responsibility of the Provider to keep approval status current.

Click here to view a Provider Application Checklist, which details all documents that must be submitted along with the application form, for your use.