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RACE Standards

Provider Responsibilities

RACE-Approved Providers shall:


Ensure that all CE conducted by the Provider meets the requirements in the RACE Standards. The Provider is responsible for assuring compliance.


Submit all programs for any branch or subsidiary through the identified Program Administrator. If separate authority is desired by the branch or subsidiary, submit a separate application for that entity to become an approved Provider.


Maintain records of individual offerings for inspection by AAVSB and its Member Boards for a minimum of four (4) years. The records maintained shall be adequate to serve the needs of participants and to permit AAVSB and Member Boards to monitor adherence to the RACE Standards, including:

  • Detailed course outlines
  • Presenter biographical information
  • Time(s) and location(s) of all offerings of RACE-approved Programs
  • Registration rosters containing names and addresses of attendees
  • Total number of time course site was accessed (for online programs)
  • Total number of times a person participated
  • Attendance certification
  • Completed course evaluation forms



Allow AAVSB or Member Board(s) access to review the CE records within ten (10) days of a request to review these documents.


Issue documents with required RACE approval language only for courses for which approval has been granted.


Provide all attendees with evaluation forms to offer participants the opportunity to assess each program attended. The evaluation questions must reflect the content of the program as outlined in the Objective Statement and provide participants the opportunity to evaluate the course content.

The evaluation form must include the following statement: “This program was reviewed and approved by the AAVSB RACE program for continuing education. Please contact the AAVSB RACE program at should you have any comments/concerns regarding this program’s validity or relevancy to the veterinary profession.”




Monitor attendance at courses in a manner that makes certain that participants issued certificates did actually attend the event.


Provide an individual Certificate of Attendance, at no charge, identifying the participant. There shall be a place for the participant’s name, state and license numbers (to be entered by participant). In the event that final approval has not been received when a program takes place, the Provider must not distribute CE Attendance Certificates until after the approval is complete.

The certificate form must contain the following statement: “Course meets the requirements for hours of continuing education in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE approval; however, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery.” The certificate shall be signed by the course instructor, provider or provider designee, and shall specify:

  • Title of the offering
  • Provider name and address
  • RACE Provider number
  • Date of offering
  • Subject Matter Category(ies) (as indicated on the RACE Program Application)
  • Method(s) of Delivery (as indicated on the RACE Program Application)
  • Number of CE hours earned



Provide RACE with a copy of a co-sponsor agreement for any program in which a co-sponsor participates. The RACE-approved Provider remains responsible for all Standards being met.



10. Agree to use RACE language and Provider numbers only on materials pertaining to courses that have been submitted to and approved by RACE. Click here for additional information about advertising RACE status.