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Online Practice Tests

Two versions of the VTNE online practice test are offered. The tests are designed to assess a candidate's strengths and weaknesses in each of the nine domain areas of the VTNE.

•Each practice test is $45 (paid in US dollars) per attempt. Click here for group discount information for educational institutions.
•Each practice test contains 75 questions and is 90 minutes.
•Candidates are provided with diagnostic information by practice domain to assist in planning and preparing for the actual VTNE.
•Performance on the practice test provides an indication of test readiness, but does not guarantee a similar result on the VTNE.

Click here to purchase a VTNE Practice Test.


The VTNE practice test is copyrighted and questions from the practice test are not to be removed in any manner, including memorization, electronic downloads, recording devices, copying or through any other means.

VTNE Sample Questions

The AAVSB has included 10 sample questions to provide candidates with an example of the type of questions that appear on the Veterinary Technician National Examination. These sample questions represent the nine domain areas of the examination and an answer key follows the list of questions. The AAVSB will periodically change the questions on this web page.

PDF VTNE Sample Questions May 2014 - Sample 1


Review Materials

PDF List of Abbreviations used in VTNE

PDF VTNE References

PDF VTNE Domains, Tasks and Knowledge Statements 2013

The species covered on the VTNE are those specified by the AVMA Standards of Accreditation in their Veterinary Technology Student Essential and Recommended Skills list: