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PSI Instructions

  1. Once eligibility is approved by the AAVSB for the VTNE, you will receive your eligibility/scheduling email from PSI (AMP Customer Service with instructions on scheduling your exam.

  2. Click on the link and follow the instructions in the email.

  3. Carefully read the Introduction for important information.

  4. Select Register for this exam at the bottom of the page. You can also View the VTNE Candidate Handbook and website.

  5. Select New User

  6. Please note candidates who requested special accommodations will be contacted directly by PSI to schedule your examination date.

  7. Fill out the required information.

  8. Input the Assigned ID you were given in the email.

  9. Fill out all required fields.

  10. Select your security questions.

  11. Find the closest testing center to you. Select USA or Canada first then enter information slowly so the list can populate.

    All candidates may need to select "More" for additional locations. Please note the distance isn't included for Canadian test sites.
  12. Once you select the location a calendar will appear.

  13. Use the arrow key to select the month and date within the exam window (i.e. July 15-August 15, November 15-December 15, March 15-April 15) for which you applied.

  14. Once you select your date, available time slots will appear. Select your preferred time.

  15. Confirm your date and time with the schedule button.

  16. You will see a confirmation on your computer and receive an email confirmation from PSI Customer Service Print it out and keep it as a reference.

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