Veterinary Care Elite

The Gold Standard in Veterinary Care

The AAVSB has created a standard program for the veterinary community recognizing veterinary professionals who demonstrate their commitment to performing at the highest level – Veterinary Care Elite.

Veterinary Care Elite program members are role models for colleagues, highly regarded in their workplace, and sought after by practices looking to hire exemplary professionals. This program benefits the broader veterinary community by identifying those that meet the highest bar. Employers are assured these professionals are of the highest caliber. Clients will take comfort in knowing the best of the best are treating their family members. And the AAVSB Member Boards are assured of accurate, up-to-date information regarding their licensees.

Veterinary Care Elite Program Overview

The program has kicked off in the United States with the AAVSB Member Board credentialed veterinary technicians, a veterinary professional with the most wide-ranging standards across North America. As veterinary technicians enroll in Veterinary Care Elite, the AAVSB will collect, verify, and store their qualifications and accomplishments, acting as an easily accessible professional repository for the licensee. That repository is housed in the Veterinary Information Verifying Agency (VIVA), a secure and comprehensive database of licensing information established by the AAVSB Member Boards in 1998.

By enrolling in Veterinary Care Elite, veterinary technicians agree to maintaining the highest standard of a veterinary professional, including:

  • Graduating from an AVMA-CVTEA or CVMA accredited program in veterinary technology/nursing,
  • Passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam ® (VTNE ®),
  • Maintaining at least one current credential from an AAVSB Member Board regulating veterinary technicians,
  • Maintaining credentials in good standing, and
  • Completing 17 continuing education credits (12 medical, 5 non-medical) annually as required by the Veterinary Care Elite program.

Veterinary Care Elite Enrollment

Currently, VTNE applicants who intend to be credentialed in a United States jurisdiction which regulates veterinary technicians can enroll in Veterinary Care Elite. They will maintain their Enrollee status until they pass the VTNE and become credentialed by an AAVSB Member Board. Once credentialed, their status is upgraded to Elect before achieving full Elite status after being credentialed for a full year with no disciplinary actions.

The cost to enroll in the program is $80 annually; VTNE applicants may enroll for $40 annually when submitting a Veterinary Care Elite application along with a VTNE application.

Coming Soon! Later in 2021, Veterinary Care Elite will open to credentialed veterinary technicians in all the AAVSB Member Board jurisdictions which regulate veterinary technicians.

Veterinary Care Elite Program Member Benefits

Once admitted to the program, veterinary technicians will receive a variety of additional service and program benefits such as:

  • Access to the Veterinary Care Elite concierge services for licensure and regulation questions.
  • Your complete professional profile is accessible on demand. This makes it easier to report your continuing education to your jurisdiction, as well as renew and apply for new licensure.
  • A Professional level RACEtrack account to easily search for and track their continuing education.
  • Access to a credentialing road map for any U.S. Member Board jurisdiction.
  • A Veterinary Care Elite digital badge to show their commitment to the highest standard of professionalism in veterinary care.

Most importantly, Veterinary Care Elite program members distinguish themselves from other veterinary professionals by voluntarily achieving the highest standards set by the veterinary medicine regulatory community.

Advantages to the Greater Veterinary Community

Our staff at the AAVSB will work cooperatively with the Member Boards to house all information regarding specific jurisdiction credentialing requirements. Creating this licensure repository will ease the burden of repetitive requests for basic information from the Member Boards and provide Member Boards access to the AAVSB’s new continuing education auditing service, RACEtrack.

Even more significant, the program promotes the importance of public protection through proper, efficient regulation of veterinary professionals and honors our promise to support the entire veterinary community.

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