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Evaluated Clinical Experience

Clinical Proficiency requirement for the PAVE Program.

The Evaluated Clinical Experience (ECE)

The ECE is for currently enrolled students OR veterinary graduates from non-accredited veterinary schools. The ECE may be completed pre- or post-graduation.

During the Evaluated Clinical Experience, PAVE candidates enroll in an accredited veterinary college or university to complete the same clinical rotations as regularly enrolled students. The host veterinary school agrees to evaluate the PAVE candidates the same as regular students and provide the PAVE program with grade reports and verification forms.

PAVE candidates must provide the following information before beginning clinical rotations:

  1. Copy of the acceptance letter from the university
  2. ECE School Acknowledgement form provided by AAVSB, signed by the academic dean (or designated representative)

In order for the Evaluated Clinical Experience to count towards the PAVE Step 4 requirement for clinical proficiency, the candidate must pass the QSE prior to the start of their first clinical rotation.

How to Apply for the Evaluated Clinical Experience

PAVE Candidates are responsible for setting up their evaluated clinical experience. Candidates apply directly to the college or university of their choice, and pay the enrollment fees directly to that institution. Enrollment fees are set by each institution, so they vary from school to school. Fees are typically comparable to out-of-state tuition.

PAVE candidates may approach any AVMA-accredited college or university regarding the Evaluated Clinical Experience. However, there are a few schools that regularly accept PAVE Candidates into their clinical program, and those schools are listed in the PDF document below.

Refer to the veterinary school's admission policies for VISA requirements.

Accredited Veterinary Schools that Accept PAVE Candidates for the Evaluated Clinical Experience

Updated February 2018

Complete listing of AVMA-accredited Veterinary Schools

In order to assure compliance with the requisite PAVE criteria, candidates who wish to complete an evaluated clinical experience at an accredited veterinary school or college must submit an acknowledgement form directly from the host school to the PAVE Program in advance of beginning the evaluated clinical experience.

Please read the PAVE Standards and Policies for specific guidelines for the Evaluated Clinical Experience.