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Obtaining Your PAVE Certificate

In order to qualify for a PAVE Certificate of Completion, candidates must complete all 4 steps of the PAVE Program, submit all required documentation, and receive a final review by the PAVE Committee. When the PAVE Committee grants approval, a PAVE certificate will be issued.

PAVE certificates do not expire. Once a candidate is PAVE-certified, it remains valid indefinitely.

A PAVE certificate is not a license to practice veterinary medicine in the United States. All PAVE candidates must meet state licensing requirements and pass the NAVLE before being eligible for licensure.

Final Documentation

New graduates must submit BOTH of the following:

  • Official final transcripts, sent directly from the veterinary school
  • Official copy of veterinary diploma - may be sent directly from the veterinary school OR a candidate may submit a notarized copy of the original document

All candidates must submit documentation of successful completion of Step 4: Clinical Proficiency:

  • Grade report/transcript from evaluated clinical experience, sent directly from the clinical school.
  • ECE Completion Verification form, sent directly from the clinical school.

PAVE Program

380 W. 22nd Street, Suite 101
Kansas City, MO 64108

Review Process

Once a PAVE file is complete, the PAVE Committee will review the file. Reviews typically take 3-5 business days. If approved, a PAVE Certificate of Completion will be issued. Candidates receive the original certificate in the mail within a few weeks. Official copies may be sent directly to state licensing boards upon candidate request.

Requests can be made by emailing There is no charge for this service.