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Submit a RACE Program Application

Program Application Information

  1. Download and complete the Segment Spreadsheet here

    • It is advised that you download and save this document to your computer. All program materials should be ready for upload prior to application.

  2. In addition to the segment spreadsheet a course outline, PowerPoint, course notes, or agenda should be uploaded.

    • For non-interactive programs, course access and a post-test must be uploaded.

  3. Program approval status expires at the end of two (2) years from the date of approval.

  4. Programs may be repeated within the two (2) year Program Approval Period at different locations and/or on different dates, with advance notice to the AAVSB RACE Program Administrator.

  5. Variations in speaker, presentation method (i.e. live vs. non-interactive webinar) are NOT the same program, and must be submitted as new programs.

  6. The RACE application is not submitted to the RACE Committee until you have submitted payment.

  7. If you submit the application less than 45 days in advance, the late fee will be charged. The late fee is based on when the application is submitted to RACE.

  8. RACE cannot consider applications for programs that have occurred in the past, or approve programs retroactively. We recommend that you submit your Program Application at least 45 days in advance of your first course offering.

  9. Apply Online Here

    Program Application Fees

    A $125.00 Administrative fee is charged to ALL program applications submitted to RACE.

    A fee of $20.00/CE Unit is charged up to programs up to 49 hours of CE.

    In addition to the $125.00 Administrative fee, programs 50 hours or more require the following fees:

    50 to 99 hours: $500

    100 to 249 hours: $1,000

    250 hours or more: $2,500

    A late fee of $225.00 will be charged in ADDITION to the other fees stated to program applications received fewer than 45 days in advance of the first course offering. This does NOT expedite the program.

    An additional Administrative fee of $100.00 may be charged for incomplete applications.