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VTNE Candidate Agreement

During the VTNE application, candidates will review and agree to the following Candidate Agreement:

I acknowledge and understand that the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) is owned by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) and is protected under applicable intellectual property rights, including copyright protections. I further acknowledge and understand that the VTNE is a high stakes examination used by licensure and certification entities as one component of determining eligibility for a credential. I affirm that I am sitting for the VTNE solely for the purpose of seeking a credential.

Based upon the significance of the VTNE and acknowledging the legal rights, ownership and protections of the examination in AAVSB, I hereby agree that, with the exception of previous VTNE administrations, I have not had access to any part of VTNE examination questions and/or responses prior to this administration of the VTNE and that my responses to the questions on the VTNE will be based upon my knowledge, skills, and abilities, and not prior exposure to exam questions.

I further acknowledge and understand that I will not remove VTNE examination questions from the test center in any manner, including memorization, electronic downloads, recording devices, copying, or through any other means and I will not distribute or discuss any questions to any persons and in any manner whatsoever either before, during, and/or after taking the VTNE. This includes through my own personal social media channels, the official AAVSB social media channels, or other social media channels.

I understand that during the examination, including breaks, I may not communicate with other candidates, refer to any materials other than those provided to me by the testing center, or assist or obtain assistance from any person.

I understand and agree to the security and confidentiality of the VTNE and acknowledge that AAVSB has the right to investigate any alleged wrongdoing related to my administration of the VTNE and to take action to protect the integrity of the examination and the credential process, including but not limited to withholding or invalidating my examination score and refusing to allow access to future VTNE administrations.