Military PCS Assistance

The recent enactment of federal legislation affecting military personnel and their spouses is of particular interest. In January of 2023, President Biden signed into law the Veterans Auto and Education Improvements Act (Act) which, in part, requires recognition of a state-issued professional license in additional states under identified circumstances. Essentially, the Act states that military personnel and their spouses licensed in any profession (excluding law) can automatically practice in another jurisdiction when relocated pursuant to military orders. The license must be and must remain in good standing with the issuing board, and any other licensing body with which the military personnel and/or spouse holds a license in the same profession. Additionally, the licensee must agree to abide by the relocation state’s practice act and regulations, and generally submit to the relocation state board’s (Board) jurisdiction. Military personnel and/or spouse must provide the Board with a copy of the military order and their right to practice is limited to the period of that order.

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