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Continuing Education Tracking

Easy. Fast. Standardized.

The Veterinary Continuing Education Tracking (VCET) allows you to record all your continuing education (CE) course work in a centralized database. If you have a MyAAVSB account already, then you automatically have VCET on your MyAAVSB portal. If you don't have a MyAAVSB account, just complete the brief application.

VCET provides an easy way for you to communicate your CE to your credentialing agencies. Also, agencies can retrieve your CE if they are authorized to do so through AAVSB.

VCET is a free program to veterinary professionals and the AAVSB Member Organizations. Click here for a list of jurisdictions that currently accept CE reports via email.

Complete a Veterinarian VCET application

Complete a Veterinary Technician VCET application

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