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Licensing Boards For Veterinary Medicine

Licensing laws are in place to protect the public and are based on two beliefs: 1) It takes special knowledge and skills to practice a profession and 2) The public needs protection from incompetent or unethical practitioners. The AAVSB’s Member Boards, licensing boards for veterinary medicine, perform their regulatory function in accordance with the laws of their jurisdiction. Each Board’s mission is to protect and safeguard the well-being of the citizens within their jurisdiction and they accomplish this through laws that a) identify the minimal standards required to enter the profession and remain in practice, and b) establish procedures for identifying, and when necessary, sanctioning or removing incompetent or unethical practitioners.

Board and Agency Directory

To search for contact information for Veterinary and Veterinary Technician regulatory agencies and other allied groups, first select Veterinary or Veterinary Technician and then use the dropdown arrow to select the agency. Once the agency is selected, hit View Details to display full content.

Look Up a License

Veterinarians must have a license in each state or province (jurisdiction) where they practice. Many jurisdictions also require that Veterinary Technicians be licensed. The AAVSB provides a list of jurisdictions with links or contact info for the licensing board to verify that a Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician (in jurisdictions that require a license for Veterinary Technicians) is licensed. Click here for a list of jurisdictions to verify a license.