Qualifying Science

Exam Security

Assist the AAVSB in protecting the integrity of its exam, the QSE, by reporting any and all security concerns or suspected misconduct you might observe on the part of other examinees. Not only is it in your best interest to report security concerns, but it is an obligation you agree to uphold in reading the Exam Security section of the QSE Candidate Handbook.

By reporting any suspicions or information you might have that another QSE examinee has reproduced, shared, or is in possession of exam content, you will be protecting the credibility of all candidates who have appropriately demonstrated their abilities on the exam(s).

Help protect the public, the QSE, and yourself by reporting even minor concerns to the AAVSB. Contact our Exam Security Tip Line at [email protected]

All information you share will remain confidential, and the AAVSB will not disclose your identity unless required to by law.