Services available to Member Boards

All the AAVSB programs are designed to support the public protection obligations of its membership, the state and provincial boards of veterinary medicine. The AAVSB’s mission is to help our member boards fulfill theirs. We offer a host of programs and services to help connect our member boards to the information they need to make licensure processes more efficient. The following are a few of the licensure services we offer to lessen your jurisdiction’s administrative burden.

Veterinary Application for Uniform Licensure Transfer (VAULT)

Through our Veterinary Information Verifying Agency (VIVA) database, the AAVSB provides score and credential transfer information to its member boards. The Veterinary Application for Uniform Licensure Transfer (VAULT) program builds upon the VIVA database and simplifies the process for collecting credentials used by the AAVSB Member Boards for licensure verification. VAULT supports and promotes efficiencies and effectiveness of the AAVSB Member Boards who are legislatively delegated with and ultimately responsible for licensure eligibility determinations. On behalf of and only for use by its Member Boards, the AAVSB gathers, stores, and transmits relevant information of applicants for licensure via VAULT, including primary source documentation. The information is delivered by submitting one information packet, either electronically, via email, or paper copy. The VAULT program relieves Member Board support staff from collecting and verifying submitted documents and allows for dedication to other areas of enforcement.

VAULT benefits:

  • Verified data for licensure transfers
  • Record of disciplinary actions
  • Verified education and licenses
  • Increases board efficiency

If you are interested in becoming an early adopter or learning more about the VAULT program, email the AAVSB Member Services Concierge Lainie Franklin at [email protected] .

State & Provincial Assessments (SPA)

Some veterinary licensing boards require licensure applicants to pass a jurisprudence exam evaluating the applicant's knowledge of local statutes, rules, and regulations. These exams can be online or on paper. They can be proctored or non-proctored. Relieve your jurisdiction of the administrative burden of these assessments and let the AAVSB handle the process. Utilizing the online option for your jurisdiction’s exam means the licensure applicant no longer has to travel long distances to take the exam and your jurisdiction is relieved of the burden of exam scheduling.

Continuing Education Tracking (RACEtrack)

Looking for an easy way to audit continuing education of licensees? The AAVSB can help with our RACEtrack service where licensees record all their continuing education course work into the centralized database.

With RACEtrack, you can:

  • Gain immediate access to licensee's CE records - no waiting on the licensee to provide.
  • Validate continuing education compliance for licensure renewal for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
  • View all records in a standardized format.
  • Receive information how you want it - online, via email or through mail.
  • Save time and money because RACEtrack is free for Member Boards and licensees.
Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE)

The Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE®) is the pathway for veterinarians who are graduates of international, non-accredited veterinary programs, to practice in the United States. PAVE evaluates the education equivalence of these graduates on behalf of participating AAVSB Member Boards.

When your jurisdiction accepts the PAVE program for foreign applicants, you ensure that licensure candidates have the qualifications and experience that are equivalent to an AVMA-accredited veterinary education.

Currently 54 Member Boards accept PAVE.

If you're interested in any of these services or programs, please contact the AAVSB Member Concierge Lainie Franklin at [email protected].

An AAVSB representative specialized in your question will get back to you