Be a RACE Provider

To become a RACE provider or renew your RACE provider status, please complete the following steps.

1 Task: Review fees

Provider Application Fees

  • New Provider Application fee: $350 USD
  • Provisional Provider Application fee: $350 USD
  • Provider Renewal fee: $250 USD

An expired Provider status requires the Provider to complete the new Provider application again and incur the New Provider Application fee.

2 Task: Identify one person to act as Program Administrator

  • The Program Administrator will be the contact on file with RACE regarding the submitted programs.
  • The Program Administrator also ensures the program submitted meets CURRENT RACE Standards.
  • If the Program Administrator changes notify RACE of those changes.

3 Task: Have the administrator complete the following steps

  • For New Providers:

    • Submit evidence the organization has planned, and conducted, at least three (3) veterinary education programs at the time of application. Evidence of these three (3) programs may include; program agendas or program advertisements.
    • Submit documents to demonstrate the organization is a verifiable organization. This evidence may include items such as; a certificate of good standing from the secretary of state (or an equivalent document); OR certified tax documentation, OR Articles of Incorporation establishing the incorporated status of the organization, OR similar information verifying an organization's good standing.
    • Download and sign a RACE Provider Agreement. You will upload this when you upload your other documents.
    • Complete the new provider application and pay the $350 USD new provider fee.
    • Wait for email from RACE Program staff at AAVSB for program application instruction. This typically takes one week.

    For New Provisional Providers:

    • If you do not fulfill these requirements, but would still like to apply to become a RACE Provider, continue through this application and select NO when asked if your organization has co‐sponsored Continuing Education.
    • A program submitted with a Provisional Provider application can be no more than 5 hours of CE. Based on information provided in the application, it may be determined that a regular application is more suited to your organization.
  • For Renewing Providers:
    • Download and sign a RACE Provider Agreement. You will upload this when you upload your other documents.
    • Complete the provider renewal application and pay the $250 USD renewing provider fee.
    • Wait one week for the renewal acceptance letter from the AAVSB.


If you have any questions on the details of becoming a RACE Provider, see the RACE-approved Provider section in the current RACE Standards.