VAULT Premium Transfer

Pricing Calculator

Your total cost for the VAULT Premium Transfer will vary depending on how many license verifications and transcripts you need us to obtain. Each jurisdiction and school charges different fees. Use the VAULT Premium Transfer Pricing Calculator below to estimate your total cost.
Note: At this time the AAVSB only offers Premium Transfers for Veterinarian Licenses
VAULT Premium Transfer Pricing Calculator

  1. Select each jurisdiction that you are currently or have ever been licensed in, one at a time.

  1. Select from this dropdown of colleges and universities that currently charge a transcript fee. If your school is listed, choose it. If it is not listed, then no transcript fee applies.

  1. Select the new jurisdiction(s) that you want your information to be sent to, one at a time.

* Calculations are an estimate. Actual fees can and do change periodically.
This is not a guaranteed price.