2023 Call for Nominations

Elected Leadership - Nominations

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The AAVSB needs your knowledge and expertise in veterinary regulation! Act now and seek the opportunity to expand your leadership skills.  Nominations are open now through June 1, 2023, for those interested in elevating their knowledge about veterinary regulation.

Contact Daphne Tabbytite by email or by phone at 1.887.698.8482, ext. 223, with questions or to confirm nominations.

The following positions are open for nominations: 

President-Elect (1 Position with a 3-year term)
Serves as President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President; approximately 18 days of travel (travel expenses paid by the AAVSB)

Director (3 positions with 2-year terms)
Approximately 14 days of travel (travel expenses paid by the AAVSB)

Nominating Committee Member (1 Position with a 2-year term)
Four days of travel to attend the AAVSB Annual Meeting (travel expenses paid by the AAVSB)

ICVA Representative (1 Licensed Veterinarian Position with a 3-year term)
Travel to two ICVA Board meetings and the AAVSB Annual Meeting (travel expenses paid by the ICVA).

The AAVSB Call for Nominations for 2023 Document is available and provides detailed information on the open positions and criteria for each.
All nominations require a nomination application (can be completed online), a short bio (as described in the Call for Nominations), and a letter from the sponsor.


How to Submit a Nomination Packet:

Voting on the slate of candidates will take place during the 2023 AAVSB Annual Meeting & Conference being held in Kansas City, Missouri from September 28 - 30, 2023.