Call for Bylaws Amendments

The AAVSB Bylaws & Resolution Committee is providing you with important information and dates for submitting Bylaws amendments for voting at the 2020 Annual Meeting. Per current Bylaws, any Member Board of the AAVSB, any committee established by the Bylaws, or the AAVSB Board of Directors may propose Bylaws amendments.

Please send any proposed amendments in the actual wording for inclusion in the Bylaws by February 28, 2020. A copy of the current Bylaws is available online for your review.

Below are the important dates in 2020 regarding proposal of Bylaws amendments:

February 28
Proposed Bylaws amendments must be received in writing at the AAVSB office. This is no later than 210 days prior to the upcoming Annual Meeting. Submitted Bylaws amendments will be forwarded to the Board of Directors within seven days after receipt.

May 28
The AAVSB Executive Director will forward any proposed Bylaws amendments to Member Board Executive Directors and Registrars for distribution to Board Members and Delegates. This is not less than 120 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

September 24-26
On these dates at the 2020 Annual Meeting & Conference in Portland, Oregon, the Delegates will discuss and vote on any proposed Bylaws amendments.

Proposed Bylaws amendments can be sent to the AAVSB Bylaws and Resolution Committee by:

Attn Bylaws Committee
380 West 22nd Street
Suite 101
Kansas City, MO 64108


Chrissy Bagby at

If you have any questions, please contact Chrissy Bagby at the AAVSB office at 1.877.698.8482 or via the above email address.

Call for Bylaws Amendments
Submit to or by mail by February 28